Minutes 3.0.

Humorous dance theater in a frantic pace depicts working life situations of collegial cooperation, competition, success, gender roles, crisis and celebration. Choreographer Marika Hedemyr examines in a humorous and sharp way the workplace. How do we relate to each other in familiar situations and when faced with something unexpected? Can we trust each other? How do we act as women and as men?

Minutes 3.0 is a pop-up piece that Watt performs in workplaces, offices, conferences, in public places and at other venues outside the theater room. A popular concept is that we perform in several places during the same day. As the dance theater communicates through body language and movement it goes beyond spoken language, and is particularly suited to international context.

Choreographer: Marika Hedemyr

Dancers: Anniina Kinnunen, Antti Seppänen

Duration 12 minutes. 2 dancers. Space: 5x5 meter free flat floor space, 2,7 m free height. Performance period weeks 46 and 47/2014 Fee: 350 Euro per performance. 100 Euro for the following performance on the same day, same space. Travel, accomodation and per diem is covered by the organiser/presenter.

Info/booking: Mari Omars +358 50 570 1472 / mari.omars@watt.fi or Mia Wiik +358 50 570 5761 / mia.wiik@watt.fi

The piece FitFatFuckedUp is performing at Draamasali at the Vaasa City library on March 7th at 10.00 am and at 18.00 pm and on March 8th at 10.00 am. Tickets to the morning performances 4 €, evening performance 8 €/12 €. Ticket reservations by phone 045-1364 372.
Johanna Ikola arranges workshops in connection to the performances. The Workshops are free of charge. The workshops are held on Wednesday March 9th. Workshop reservations from the Regional Dance Center in Ostrobothnia tel. 045 136 4372.
FitFatFuckedUp had its opening night on 23.10.2010 at Seinäjoen kaupunginteatteri. A performance that mixes dance, music and theatre for young people but adults are also allowed in the audience. The performance is a co-operation between the city of Seinäjoki, Pohjanmaan taidetoimikunta and The regional Dance Center of Ostrobothnia.
Performing: Eija-Irmeli Lahti, Johanna Ikola, Hanna Korhonen, Pauliina Silvennoinen

Open stage – a possibility to show your own choreography on stage.
An event where hobby dancers can show their talent (min. age 13) arranged in Kokkola on Feb 12th 2011 at 1.00 pm, in Seinäjoki on March 26th 2011 at 5 pm and in Vaasa. A professional dancer/choregrapher will be present to give advice. The best performances from all cities are invited to a Gala in Seinäjoki on the International Dance Day on April 29th 2011. Be there! The style is free, the max. performance lenght is 5 min. Free entrance!

PINOCCHIO Premiere on November 11th 2010 at 19.00 pm at Wasa Teater. Performances on Nov 13th-Dec 14th.2010.
PINOCCHIO - a wordless dance theater for children
Director/Choreographer: Jakob Höglund
Set decorator/Costumes: Heidi Wikar
Composer: Eero Paalanen
Actos/Dancers: Jakob Höglund, Lotta Kaarla, Nanna Rahikainen, David Sigfridsson, Anton Söderman
A co-production between WATT and Wasa Teater.
Pinocchio performance reservations tel 045-1364 372

PEOPLE Premiere on November 16th 2010 at Wasa Teater. Performances November 22nd-November 23rd.
PEOPLE - a chamber music performance with a wind quintet and dance
Five instrumentalists and a dancer prepare a musical performance with four movements. The four movements represent different stages of life.
Composer: Ralf Nyqvist
Chorepgrapher/Dancer: Mia Malviniemi
Musicians: Eva Hillebrandt – flute, Panu Sivonen – oboe, John Alén – clarinet, Samuli Pataila – bassoon, Vesa Anja – Horn