Founder Members:

Mari Omars (producer and dancer) graduated from Oulu Conservatory (1991-1995). She is in charge of the teaching of children’s dance groups and younger ballet groups at the Kuula-institute in Vaasa. Omars has worked as a dancer in the Murros- group (1991-1998) in dance pieces by Tuomo Railo, Ari Numminen, Petri Kauppinen and Pirjo Viitanen to mention a few. Furthermore she has performed with Interdans (2000-2002) in the piece by Malin Sellén-Hellqvist’s amongst others. She has worked as an assistant choreographer and choreogrpaher at Wasa Theatre 1999-2002.

Mia Wiik (producer and dancer) graduated from Danshögskolan in Stockholm (1994-1997). She works as the leading teacher within the basic arts education in Vaasa and as a dance teacher at Novia. Wiik has worked as a dancer and choreographer at Vaasa City Theatre 2001-2006, and at Wasa Theatre 2006. She has danced with Interdans 2000-2004 in dance pieces choreographed by Carl Knif and Björn Säfsten amongst others. Wiik has produced the dance pieces ”Classroom” 2004-2005 and ”I say Tomato...” 2006-2007.

Annika Sillander (choreographer and dancer) Originally from Malax, graduated as a dancer from London Studio Centre, and Millennium Dance 2000, and is receiving a MA in dance anthropology from Roehampton University, in the UK. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher in London, Norway and Finland. As a dancer Annika has worked with amongst others Tharam Revfem in London and Norway; Sally Marie, Stephen Koplowitz. Annika’s choreographies include Polku (2006), Får Jag Lov (2007), Places Where I am (2008) in Vaasa and Salides/Sortides in Barcelona (2005). She teaches for amongst others Rambert Education, Royal Academy of Dance, Chisenhale Dance Space in London and also at home in Ostrobothnia occasionally.

Other Members:

Sophie Augot, dancer

Anja Arnquist , dancer

Lotta Kaarla, dancer

Janne Kaikkonen, lighting designer

Riina Kalmi, dancer

Carl Knif, choreographer and dancer

Karoliina Lahdenperä, dancer

Sandra Lolax, dancer

Anne Melender, dancer

Sami Paavola, actor

Nanna Rahikainen, choreographer and dancer

Satu Rönnlöf, dancer

Jaana Saaranen, dancer

Pauliina Silvennoinen, dancer

Björn Säfsten, choreographer and dancer

Soile Voima, choreographer and dancer